Joining procedure

Come and meet us – Invite yourself over for dinner sometime, for instance. There is a standing invitation to potential members! If you need any help or advice, there is a External Membership Officer you can talk to.

If you think that Cornerstone is the place / people for you, then try to meet as many as possible of our members – they will all have to agree to your joining.

The questions we will be asking will be mainly (in no particular order):

    • Are you right for Cornerstone? i.e. Do you share our philosophy and aspirations?
    • Will you contribute to the running of the co-op? Could you be a co-op secretary, treasurer? Are you any good at DIY (or DiY), domestic chores, organising events, etc.? If not, then are you willing to learn?
    • Do you plan to be a member of the co-op for the foreseeable future?
    • If we have a room available, you may be able to join for a probationary period – usually 6 months. At the end of this period we will either invite you to join, or give you another month to find somewhere else to live. During this time, you will be paying rent and bills, and involved as a full member of the household. Although you will be welcome to sit in on Co-op meetings, we may have to exclude you for some specific agenda items (discussions on new members for example).

If we don’t have a room available, it may still be possible for you to join as a full member and prospective tenant. As far as possible, you can still live as part of the Cornerstone community – and move in with us when a room becomes available.

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